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Broccoli Salad


WHY IS IT 30 DEGREES OUTSIDE?! I am seriously melting this week, and between the heat and all of the time I’ve spent baking, I am so ready to never turn on my oven again (until next week’s market of course). So at this point, any excuse to eat just salad for a meal is a good one. We have been eating a lot of kale salads and the like at our apartment, but M. also has this favourite broccoli salad…

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Happy Belated Vegan Pizza Day!

Happy Belated Vegan Pizza Day!


Another National Vegan Pizza Day has come and gone, and like a true pizza lover, of COURSE I made pizza for dinner last night. How about you guys?! If you didn’t, I totally won’t tell anyone if you celebrate a day late.

Int he past, I’ve always enjoyed making our pizzas at home from scratch. Take for example, last year’s pizzas were a vegan margherita w/Teese I smuggled home from Portland, as…

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My Cruelty-Free Summer Picks!

My Cruelty-Free Summer Picks!

So, is it safe to say that summer is finally upon us?! After some pretty rainy days, I feel as though we’ve finally experienced our first few breaths of summer this week. Blue Rose Baking Co has launched at the farmer’s markets, and we look forward to sticking around until fall. I plan on spending plenty of summer days out and about, enjoying the outdoors, and the markets! Meanwhile, I will neve…

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On Being Twenty-Five and Still Not Quite a Grownup.

On Being Twenty-Five and Still Not Quite a Grownup.


Happy Wednesday, friends! Today marks a week before I launch Blue Rose Baking Co. in some local Farmer’s Markets! I am pretty excited about that.

In other news, I turned twenty-five years old on Saturday. TWENTY-FIVE. As someone who particularly hates measurements of time, I always thought I would loathe my twenty-fifth with all my heart. To be honest, I get a little melancholy looking into the…

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Things I Love Thursday: The Chocolate Edition…

Things I Love Thursday: The Chocolate Edition…


As all of you know by now, I can never say no to a delicious slice of chocolate cake, good quality chocolate bar, or truth be told, even something that smells like chocolate. So, this Things I Love Thursday is dedicated to all the chocolate things that I love. Starting with…

1. My chocolate goodies from Whole Foods!
This entry has been a long time coming as Whole Foods sent me a few chocolate…

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